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According to the 2014 Workplace Bullying Institute’s U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, 27% of employees have current or past direct experience with abusive conduct at work and 72% are aware of workplace bullying. While our understanding of frequency and impact of this issue among the general population is increasing, workplace bullying is still legal in the U.S. However, little is known about the abusive experiences of workers with disabilities. As members of a protected class, workers with disabilities may have legitimate cause to claim harassment, which unlike bullying, is illegal.  This session will explore the definitional and legal differences between bullying and harassment, provide an overview of the impact of bullying in the workplace, describe the recourse available to abused workers with disabilities, and offer suggestions for how employers can foster safer, more accepting workplaces. Relevant findings from Cornell’s Work-Life Balance and Disability Study will be shared.


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